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Carpet Cleaning

  • Homes

  • Businesses

  • Medical Offices

  • Houses of Worship

  • Offices

  • RV’s

  • Rentals

  • Move-ins / Move-outs

  • High-rises (no long hoses

Plush – Berber – Industrial

There are no types of normal carpeting that our proven system cannot clean, whether low-pile industrial, long shag or area rugs. Each carpet type requires its own individualized attention.

Plush carpeting is more likely to show traffic patterns and may require more frequent vacuuming and cleaning. Special attention is given to grooming plush carpeting as the final step in its cleaning.

Because the bonnet method of cleaning is able to make contact with multiple carpet heights at one time, Berber carpeting is well addressed with my method of cleaning assuring the low spots get as clean as the raised areas.

Industrial carpets, such as found in businesses and churches, are easily addressed with my equipment. I am able to clean large areas while giving special attention to spots and high traffic areas. The quick drying of our method of cleaning is especially beneficial to any facility requiring a rapid drying time.

Area Rugs

Many area rugs are made from wool and require careful attention. If wool rugs are treated roughly, they may pill. You can rest assured that I will take every precaution to ensure your rug is cleaned well but with gentle attention as necessary whether I do this at your location or mine.

RV Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning a motorhome or travel trailer requires special care and attention to detail since there are many small areas that require cleaning by hand. This may take a little longer, but I’ll get it done!

Spot Removal

Our cleaning solution is extraordinary. It took years of development but finally, in 1998, one of the best cleaning solutions for carpets and upholstery was developed. The spot removal effectiveness is impressive. It completely eradicates most spots from heavy-traffic areas to spills. Providing the carpet fibers are not damaged, once treated with our spot removal products, most spots will likely not reappear as frequently occurs using other cleaning methods. Some exceptions are ink, paint and bleach. With these, we will do our best to minimize their appearance.

Drying Time

Our proprietary cleaning solution has a special “quick drying” ingredient that allows it to evaporate faster than water. Generally, depending on the thickness of the pile and the humidity level at the time of cleaning, the drying time is approximately three hours. This is much more convenient than any steam cleaning method that can often take more than a day to dry as water has been blasted into the pile and often into the padding and wood below.


We only need electricity and preferably, good lighting to enable us to do a good job. The areas to be cleaned will need to be free of furniture and other obstructions. We cannot be responsible for moving furniture, but we’ll always be considerate of those things that need a little shifting to be able to give the most complete carpet cleaning we can provide.

Pricing and Guarantee

Five Step Carpet Care is competitively priced, keeping in mind we don’t need to sell you any extra services. The cost of our service compared to other methods is the best value in the long run because the results are so much better. Your carpeting will retain its look longer and experience more longevity looking and feeling great.

Five Step Carpet Care cares not only about your surroundings but about you as well. If you’re not satisfied with our service, we will do everything possible within our means to assure your satisfaction within a timely fashion. If you find something unsatisfactory within a brief period of our cleaning, we’ll redo what we’ve done and we will do so unquestionably. In the event your item has a spot we feel we cannot remove, we will be up front and honest with you and not attempt to sell you a promise we cannot keep. 

Please call me if you have ANY questions or concerns.

Upholstery Cleaning

  • Sofas

  • Recliners

  • Ottomans

  • Pillows

  • Mattresses

  • RV furniture

Don’t risk turning a bad situation into something worse by doing it yourself. Cleaning stains and odors is best left to the professionals. In fact, it is a good idea to have your furniture cleaned at the same time you have your carpets and air vents cleaned each year. Not only does it keep your home looking good, but it is more sanitary as well.

Tile & Stone Cleaning

  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Showers
  • Concrete Surfaces
  • Sealing and Color Sealing

Cleaning tough to get to dirt that accumulates in crevices and grout lines is challenging, but our proven process will significantly brighten these areas. Just like our carpet cleaning process, we provide a quick and easy solution that leaves no residue and will leave your surfaces looking fresh and clean.

Here we first apply our cleaner and allow it to soak into the surface being treated.  This is followed up by pressure washing and rinse.  When this is completed, a surface sealer is applied.

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